Bringing Cloud Computing Down to Earth for Your Company Needs

Have you lately been confronted with questions like:

  • How can technology help us to differentiate ourselves and create that much needed competitive edge?
  • Are new technology-solutions the answer to cost saving and efficiencies?
  • What is needed for IT to become a trusted technology partner to the business?
  • The technology landscape is changing too quickly, how do we keep up and stay relevant?

If so, you are not alone. These are the questions facing management more than ever today.  Asking the right questions is absolutely critical in leading change and truly understanding the value proposition of technological developments. Perhaps even more so is facing the truth of why these questions exist in the first place. We have seen way too many instances where it is often the very person or department that is supposed to lead the charge of keeping up with game changing new technologies that can be the very thing that is hindering businesses to change quickly with the times.

The truth is that in general, we find a large adversity to change, coupled with an attachment to legacy systems and traditional ways of doing business. This phenomenon can be contributed largely to the vast amounts of money and time invested in legacy or in-house developed systems, the complacency to learn and introduce new processes, and hypersensitivity around control, or perhaps just the fear of the unknown. Venturing into areas where weaknesses could be exposed is quite daunting. So coupling the glaring lack of skill and capability, coupled with the speed at which change is happening and it’s understandable why IT management and departments are struggling to find its “Uber” moment and keep up with modern business demands.

Over and above, complex legacy systems and IT environments, limited budgets, security threats and keeping abreast of day to day operations – the skills crunch is finally rearing its head, especially when it comes to new game changing emerging technologies.

Cloud computing is one of these technologies that have already changed the game of business and it affects every organisation in some way.  There is an upward trend in organisations utilising Cloud-based solutions, but most of them do not have the skills to optimise their solutions for maximum return on investment or to deliver differentiating value.

There is a large Cloud skills gap in the market and this trend is widening.

Cloud related skills are listed on the top of the skills shortage list to be recruited by CIO’s.

LinkedIn just released that Cloud and Distributed computing has moved to the number 1 hottest and most difficult skill to find in 2017.

Up until now the problem has been that this “new skill” requirement comes at a top dollar cost and an even greater threat of limited return on investment (mostly because job hopping is the order of the day).

What is the real problem you may ask? There is a massive scarcity of Cloud skills in our current market.

At Mariana Carroll Consulting we’ve seen the needs in the market and with our global partnership with the Cloud Credential Council (CCC), we are bringing to Africa, an industry first. Our Cloud Certification portfolio is based on globally accepted, vendor neutral content that is practical and highly relevant to close this skills gap.  We pride ourselves in delivering value-added services. For us, practical applicability and relevancy are key. We want to put something of value into your hands and help you accelerate, not only your career, but the value you deliver to your organisation.

So where to from here?

As a first step, it’s worth exploring and testing your current Cloud skills. You can take the quiz here: (Or why not, for a yet even bigger challenge, get your entire team to take the test and compare your Cloud Skills aptitude).

Secondly, explore our very exciting 2017 training catalogue and commit to differentiate yourself and your team by enrolling to one of our Cloud Certifications.

Thirdly, let us know your requirements. We would love to come alongside you on this exciting journey of exploring the “art of the possible”, differentiating yourself to create that much needed competitive edge, cost savings, efficiencies and productivity, and to truly become that trusted technology partner to your organisation.

We look forward connecting with you. Contact us today at

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