Organisations are more than ever willing, able and interested in taking advantage of the efficiencies cloud computing offers. In fact, cloud-solutions may be the leverage that Multi Nationals and local businesses across Africa need to combat the lack of cloud resources locally. The scarcity of technical talent is a significant concern across many industries. To […]

Press release: Mariana Carroll Consulting Brings World Class Cloud Computing Competency and Skills to Africa

AFRICAN BUSINESSES AND PROFESSIONALS CAN REACH NEW HEIGHTS WITH GLOBAL RECOGNIZED CLOUD TRAINING Palo Alto, CA / Capetown, South Africa, 9 December 2016 – Mariana Carroll Consulting has partnered with the U.S. based Cloud Credential Council (CCC) to deliver the recognized portfolio of cloud certifications in South Africa. Dr. Mariana Carroll, founder and owner of […]

Bringing Cloud Computing Down to Earth for Your Company Needs

Have you lately been confronted with questions like: How can technology help us to differentiate ourselves and create that much needed competitive edge? Are new technology-solutions the answer to cost saving and efficiencies? What is needed for IT to become a trusted technology partner to the business? The technology landscape is changing too quickly, how […]

Mariana Carroll Consulting soars to new heights with world class Cloud Training!

Cloud Computing Competency & Skills – A scarce commodity! Are you ready to differentiate yourself and add that competitive edge to your career? We would like to partner with you! We understand the skills gap when it comes to emerging technologies. We are passionate to come alongside you to accelerate your career through certified, globally […]

Cloud operations and management

Cloud Computing has brought a fundamental shift not only in the way technology is accessed and delivered, but to the way businesses operate. It is not only a by-product of our globalised world, but an enabler thereof, providing instant access to information, applications and services, to people in virtually any location. Cloud Computing has redefined […]

Unpacking Cloud Computing – Part 1

Your quick and easy ‘KNOW-WHAT-CLOUD-IS’ conversation guide Do you ever feel lost in a meeting or discussion with a colleague about the latest and newest technologies? Last time I checked, clouds were ‘a visible mass of tiny, condensed water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere’. I did a quick exercise and googled ‘Cloud […]