Cloud operations and management

Cloud Computing has brought a fundamental shift not only in the way technology is accessed and delivered, but to the way businesses operate. It is not only a by-product of our globalised world, but an enabler thereof, providing instant access to information, applications and services, to people in virtually any location.

Cloud Computing has redefined the way Information Technology services are delivered. It has marked an evolution in our use of technology, moving us forward on a journey that started with the Industrial Revolution and leading us to today’s Digital Economy.

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As Cloud technologies and processes advance, Cloud solutions and services are the preferred vehicle for agile, scalable and elastic solutions. To build competitive advantage and cut costs, organisations and especially IT leaders need to constantly adapt their strategies to leverage Cloud capabilities.

But what happens after you have signed up for your Cloud service? Have you considered what that means from an operational and management perspective?

In our eBook, UNPACKING CLOUD COMPUTING – Part 1, we explore what Cloud operations and management entail and we also provide a very handy checklist to help you identify potential challenges or gaps.

Let’s do a brief rundown of two key components to consider when it comes to Cloud operations and management:

  1. The service level agreement (SLA), a detailed allocation of duties between a Cloud service provider and Cloud consumer which forms the basis of a binding contract; and
  2. Cloud management, the management and monitoring of Cloud service performance and usage, which is generally performed by the Cloud service provider.

Cloud operations and management are critical components to ensure effective Cloud service delivery.

Have you considered the following important questions?











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It is my hope that this quick conversation has stirred some powerful questions that will help you to ensure effective Cloud service delivery.

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