Online Conversation Recording Available – FUTURE PROOFING THE IT ORGANISATION!

The role of IT is changing at a staggering rate. Consequently, the inherent gap from a skills and capabilities perspective is widening.

What an incredible online conversation we had with technology thought leader and advisor, Kamal Ramsingh.

Kamal shared with us 5 steps to future proofing the IT Organisation from a skills planning and IT capabilities perspective:

  1. Understand you cannot do this alone – build a network and ecosystem of capabilities around you
  2. Understand the inventory of your assets – perform a skills and capabilities assessment
  3. Understand how these assets support your current IT state
  4. Research and plan the future IT state and map the assets against future requirements
  5. Pull everything together – partner / network, alternate, traditional and envisioned future state resource models

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Live online conversation: Future Proofing the IT Organisation

You are invited to our LIVE ONLINE CONVERSATION with technology thought leader and advisor, KAMAL RAMSINGH, on FUTURE PROOFING THE IT ORGANISATION

Friday 24 February 2017
8:00 – 9:00 AM
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The rate and pace of digital transformation, combined with accessibility and increasingly nich and modular alternatives to historically complex enterprise applications are making for fascinating CIO conversations on future staffing and skills planning.

We are delighted to invite you to a live online conversation with technology thought leader and advisor, Kamal Ramsingh. Kamal will share his insights and ideas on how the IT organisation of the future would manifest and what considerations and implications this may have for the enterprise IT function.

Kamal is a thought leader and technology expert with a wealth of industry expertise and business know-how. He led the Deloitte Consulting Technology team as a Senior Director in the Technology Service Area within Deloitte Consulting for African operations. Prior to Deloitte, Kamal assumed the position of Chief Operations Officer of the listed SimekaBSG. The cluster of businesses under his oversight contributed more than 50% of the listed group’s revenues and profits. Kamal acts both as a specialist advisor to several organisations and as institutional mentor to several growing ICT Services firms.

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Dr Mariana Carroll & the MCC team

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