Unpacking Cloud Computing – Part 1

Your quick and easy ‘KNOW-WHAT-CLOUD-IS’ conversation guide

Do you ever feel lost in a meeting or discussion with a colleague about the latest and newest technologies? Last time I checked, clouds were ‘a visible mass of tiny, condensed water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere’. I did a quick exercise and googled ‘Cloud definition‘…

Surprise! First thing that popped up was not the Clouds in the sky, but rather… ‘A communications network. The word ‘Cloud’ often refers to the Internet, and more precisely to some datacenter full of servers that is connected to the Internet”. Interesting? I translate that to a vast understanding of the importance of technology in not only our businesses, but our daily lives (and perhaps, I might add, Google’s incredible analytics / intelligent search function).

Cloud computing is arguably one of the ‘technology trends‘ with the biggest impact to date. It brought a fundamental shift not only in the way technology and technology services are accessed and delivered, but to the way businesses operate. Cloud computing enables instant access to information, applications, tools, resources and IT services to people in virtually any location.

Without even realising it, most of us use Cloud computing daily, but still we think of it as a ‘new disruptive trend‘, and therefore let’s rather leave it for the tech-guys.

I would like to help you unpack Cloud computing in a series that starts of with the fundamentals around what Cloud is, where it came from and what the major components are in the Cloud ecosystem. We are discussing all of this in my new free eBook called, UNPACKING CLOUD COMPUTING – Part 1: Your quick and easy ‘know-what-cloud-is’ guide to Cloud conversations. If you’ve ever wondered ‘What is Cloud computing?’, you’re going to love this practical and fun guide.

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This eBook is packed with ‘My Cloud Checklists’, ‘Test yourself’ quizzes, interesting facts and the very incredible ‘MY CLOUD CANVAS‘ that will help you paint a picture of all you now (after reading the eBook) know about the Cloud solutions and services in your world.

Look out for Part 2 of this series, ‘UNPACKING CLOUD COMPUTING’, where we will look at why Cloud computing is important and what is driving its adoption. Part 3 is also not to be missed as security and risks are always top of mind when it comes to Cloud computing discussions.

It is my hope that this eBook will empower and equip you to have an informed discussion when you are next posed with the question: “What is Cloud Computing?”.

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