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Mariana Carroll Consulting is a value-adding partner that brings together insights, tools and support services.

We help our clients make better, informed business decisions using our three core service streams of Inform, Enable and Support.

We “Inform” our clients by providing them with market-leading Emerging Technology-related insights. These insights help them to stay abreast of market trends and assist them to make informed decisions about the correct, tailored solutions for their business.

We then equip our clients through a comprehensive collection of value-based, fit-for-purpose innovative tools and programs that “Enable” them to drive adoption and build capability to quickly respond to business challenges.

We further “Support” our clients with unparalleled expertise and fact-based consulting services to help them choose, optimally use and effectively manage emerging technologies in their organisations.




“Challenges create multiple opportunities to excel, it is one of the best dilemmas to have” – Dr. Mariana Carroll

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Inform, Enable and Support can help you and your business.